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Youtube & Clubhouse live chats

I wasted 13 years of my life on YouTube making videos only for people to steal my ideas and delete my videos. I have never made a penny off of YouTube. I think Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram platforms, are going to be sued out of business. As soon as I become president and sign the executive order. Deleting videos about Covid19 is going to cause YouTube and Twitter to be sued for trillions of dollars. They deleted videos by claiming they are misinformation, when in fact it is the mainstream news media, that is putting out the disinformation and some people on YouTube trying to put out the truth.

My Scorpio astrology this month by Susan Miller had told me to try different social media platforms and she suggested clubhouse. I've been on clubhouse for three days and I've got more followers than I had on YouTube in 13 years. The only way that could've happened is they must have been shadow banning me. Clubhouse technology has been around since 1997. It's the same technology they used in Yahoo voice chats. It is voice chat only. But I have a face for radio anyways. Maybe that's why I got more followers on that platform. It's a pretty cool platform where you create rooms and invite people in to talk about different subjects. Or you can simply give a sermon and people can listen. You can invite people on the stage to speak or simply leave them in the audience to listen. It's better than YouTube live streaming with the chat room. Because you have to ban the trolls on YouTube, where on Clubhouse, you simply don't invite the trolls on the stage to speak in the first place. And if you mistakenly invite a troll on the stage you can move them back into the audience or mute them.

I'm going to start my first Timothean sermon this Sunday at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time on Clubhouse. This will give you a couple of days to learn the platform if you want to come in and listen. Simply search for the Clubhouse app on your android or iPhone. This Sunday I will be simply reading my Clubhouse profile and answering questions. I wrote a pretty long profile bio and could not fit it all on Clubhouse, but I will read the whole thing in its entirety in this video. I'm still tweaking the profile and making corrections. But this is what I have as of September 10, 2021. So here it goes.

How do I quiet my mind, so I can listen, to you?

I saw God in California in 1985, wrote the Gospel of Timothy & when they told me nobody could see God, I started the Timothean religion.

Google [GoTimothy] to find website & my book on Amazon. If you search my book title, Google will not let you find it.

God is bigger than Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism & all of the books in the Library of Congress put together. They try to fit God into one little book. You can't even become a computer scientist, from reading one book. How do they think they know all about God, from one book? Don't be fooled. If they haven't seen God, they don't know God. Reading all the books in the world, will not give you the experience, of seeing God himself. Chat Room;

"Open 2 all, Timothean Religion, come on in" 8 P.M. E.S.T. Sundays

About me;

I read and write at a fourth-grade level, have ADHD and antisocial personality disorder. Jordan Peterson said that if a child has not been socialized before they are 4 years old, they will never be socialized. Because it takes thousands of social interactions to be socialized. Social skills take practice and no one wants to practice with a 63-year-old man who has the social skills of a four-year-old. If you have the patience to talk to me, I believe I can be socialized and prove Jordan Peterson wrong. I've had about three social interactions on Clubhouse App and I only need about 1,997 more. I was thinking of taking a Dale Carnegie course because it forces you into social interactions.


Truth-seeker, Amateur 3D printer, CNC lathe, inventor, karaoke, computer code.


The practice of medicine is not an exact science. Doctors only have opinions. Everyone has a right to their opinion. My opinions are based on my experience, common sense, inspiration from God, and holy books. I don't argue or debate with anyone. I simply State my opinions, accept them or not. my opinion is that the Earth is round. My opinion is based on my flying around the Earth in an airplane. If you believe the Earth is flat, it's because you have plenty of sources that tell you so. He who is of God hears God's words. This is my source. Everyone lives in their own world, but my source tells me I must overcome the world.


Why so many grammatical and spelling errors in your book?

The book has not been edited and I read and write at a fourth-grade level. None of the biblical writers were educated. None of them knew how to read or write. Their original scripts were filled with spelling errors. Many jokes were made about this. One joke is when God said on the seventh-day man shall be circumcised. The Hebrew word for circumcised was a misspelling of another Hebrew word and millions of men got circumcised because of it. There was a joke about the Quran where it said, "everything belongs to God, therefore if you find a thief, shake his hand, for taking from the man." The Arabic word for shake was misspelled and interpreted at the word sever. Now thousands of Afghan Muslims walk around with only one hand. I wrote the word quit and the spell checker kept putting an e at the end of it and making the word quiet. What is this some kind of English spelling rule that the silent e, comes before T to make the word quiet? What color was Jesus?

I don't care if you are red, white, black, yellow, or green. If you ask this question, you are a racist. I refuse to answer a racist. Doesn't matter what color he is and if you assume that he is a certain color, you may be in danger on Judgment Day, when you stand before him. My Futuristic ideas;

Wireless electric cars, wireless body-worn self-protection security cameras, wireless light bulb cameras, LED lights, Everything belongs to God and is Free in the Garden of Eden. Sexual identity;

I am a lesbian man. I am a lesbian trapped inside the body of a man. I hate men. They are really mean. I was raised by my mother and my seven sisters. My father was absent with two full-time jobs. I am the youngest of 10. When my brothers used to beat me up, I would run to my sisters. I am not an incel. I simply treat all women like they were my sister and I don't believe in sex until marriage. No, I am not a virgin, I am part of the me-too movement.


The government tries to make all boys into soldiers, to fight in the war. My sisters would play with dolls while my brother poured lighter fluid over his toy soldiers, lit them on fire, and called it napalm. I wonder if girls were doing that and that's why they want to join the military? They tried to make me into a man, by buying me a gun. The gun went off by accident and put a hole in the wall. I am against guns because they kill people. They go off by themselves and if someone tells you otherwise, they lied to you. Good thing it was only a BB gun, someone could have been killed. If there was a cop around, I could have been arrested for unlawful discharge of a weapon.

My Stance on Abortion;

A pregnant woman is having a baby, not a fetus. If you stab a pregnant woman with a surgical instrument, it is murder, not a medical procedure. A fetus is not goo, it is a living being. You cannot kill goo by stabbing it. Abortion is not Healthcare. Pregnant women are not sick. What is growing in them is not a tumor that needs to be removed. Healthcare would be putting a woman in a straight jacket, to protect the infant, from the mother stabbing it with knitting needles. Women do not need abortions. If contraceptives don't work, the child can be given up for adoption. Women who think they need abortions are like people who killed their spouses because they didn't want a divorce. The biggest cause of death of pregnant women is not giving birth, women die during an abortion. However, the biggest cause of death of pregnant women is the men who murder them, because they don't want a baby. What gives men the idea that they have a choice to murder their pregnant girlfriends? Is there some kind of feminist movement, that thinks murder is a choice if you don't want a baby?

I am not comparing women to Hitler. I'm simply stating the fact, that Hitler legalized the murder of Jews, by labeling them as less than human, like a fetus. This is what the Nuremberg trials were about. The entire world knew, that this was a crime against humanity, similar to abortion. But the SS Criminal rationality, they were simply obeying the law.

The Bible says do not kill. Those in power put labels on people to justify killing them. This is why we have capital punishment. It has nothing to do with whether the criminal can feel pain or has a heartbeat. Capital punishment and abortion are considered justifiable homicides. The way they justify capital punishment is by labeling the criminals as non-humans. They labeled American Indians as nonhuman Savages, to kill them and take their land. They labeled blacks as nonhuman n-word to enslave them. It is not white people, that are the enemy. It is the rich and those in positions of power, that do these things. Free blacks owned slaves. Black people purchased black people. There are sales records. Some Indians owned black slaves.

Abortion is not a constitutional right. The Constitution was written a long time ago and abortion wasn't legalized until the 1970s. If someone says abortion is in the Constitution, they lied to you. If someone had changed the Constitution, then they did it without anyone's knowledge or a public vote. There are 140 million gun owners that protect the Constitution from change and they could not have changed it without a war. So tell me what war was fought, to change the Constitution, or don't tell me abortion is in the Constitution.

We do not kill the rapist, why should we kill the baby? If you want to punish the rapist, force him to pay 18 years of child support. No, the woman does not have to raise the child, she can give it up for adoption and the rapist can pay for its support. They didn't have DNA testing when abortion was made legal. Now the child's DNA can be put in CODIS, to find the father and make him pay. All premarital sex is rape. It is unlawful sex called fornication. There is no such thing as consent. Women who are only two-thirds the size of men cannot give consent. A woman cannot say no, without the risk of being killed. It is not a matter of he said, she said. Fornication laws have been on the books for over 5,000 years. If there is no marriage license, any kind of sex is considered rape, oral or otherwise. It is God's law and only atheists would change it.

Covid-19 vaccine;

I believe in science. Science believes in evolution. Evolution is survival of the fittest. I don't believe we should stand in the way of evolution with a vaccine. The virus was created by God to kill the wicked. I may very well be the wicked man who dies from covid. I accept full responsibility for my sins and I accept God's judgment to pay for my sins. The penalty for sin is death. Not a vaccine or get-out-of-jail-free covid vaccinated card. Only if God tells me to get the vaccine, will I say, yes sir. Reparations for Injustice;

If reparations are paid to Indians or black people, in a hundred years, reparations will have to be paid back, to the people who had to pay for unjust reparations. I am not the Indian chief that sold your land for a bottle of whiskey. I am not the free black man who helped enslaved other blacks. Granted white people sold black people, but it wasn't me. That was a long time ago and if you believe people should be paid for their suffering, then I think you will agree I should be paid for my parents who died from tobacco. That wasn't hundreds of years ago that was in 1978. I should also be paid proper Reparations for being injured on the job while building automobiles. That money should be paid by every person who drives an automobile. I suffered chronic pain for more than 35 years and I think 450 billion dollars plus penalties and interest should be a fair amount. I would be more than willing to share that money with the followers of My Religion who help me get it.

Lawyers and religions are taking advantage of Indians and black people by promising them reparations and asking them for money and support to get it. I think they are getting scammed, wasting their time and donating money to these lawyers, thinking they're going to get a big payday. But if they get any money I'm definitely going to get my 450 billion for my job injury, not to mention the three hundred million dollars I suffered, from the government selling me a toxic mold house. Also, I was injured by a defective bicycle. The only reason why bicycles are legal is that people want to ride them and they should pay repercussions to those injured by them. It is bicycle riders, that keep the bicycle manufacturers in the business. It's their children and grandchildren that should pay, according to those who are for reparations.

Will reparations come out of Indian children's paychecks because they owned slaves? Indian chiefs sold out their tribal lands for bottles of whiskey. White man got blamed for it. But it's really known as capitalism and the free market. Tyrant Russian politicians sold Alaska to America for pennies an acre. Will the Russian people get reparations for losing their land?

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