Christianity and Islam has become some of the biggest religions. Because they steal the writings and prophecies of the messengers of God and incorporate them into their religion. These are religions of thieves and murderers.

The Penalty for Sin is Death

The devil didn't like these words, he altered them. The devil decided God would die, rather than the sinner.

God never changes. If God was so loving, that he was willing to die to pay for people's sins, he would have died right after Adam and Eve sinned. He would not have waited 5000 years, to pay for people sins. If it was true that God had to die for people sins, then none of Adam's or Moses children, would be saved. If Christ was going to die to pay for people sins, he would've mentioned this to Abraham, or Moses in Exodus 24:9-11. Jesus said Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were in heaven and they didn't believe Jesus died to pay for their sins, Matthew 8:11.

Jesus said to beware of the leaven of the scribes and Pharisees, Mark 8:15. The leaven, was the doctrine of devils and demons. The Gospels that we have today were not written by the 12 apostles. They were written by the people who murdered the 12 apostles. We are just now starting to find the true gospel, that was preached by Jesus and the 12 apostles. Before they were murdered and Christ death was faked. Jesus was going around setting people free from the slavery of Roman jobs. Caiaphas, the high Jewish priest, that sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, had conspired with other Jews to stop him. What shall we do says the priest, for Christ is setting men free? This is where the high priest and false prophet Caiaphas, had prophesied, that someone would die to pay for the peoples sins, John 11:46-57. In the early church, the 12 apostles along with early Christians were murdered. Dateline had a story of a religious leader that was a serial killer, that would prophesy the deaths of his followers and collect on their life insurance money. He prophesied one woman would die in a swimming pool, a couple would die in a plane crash and another woman would die in a auto crash. Then his followers collected on the life insurance policy of all these people and they bought fancy cars with it.

We know we don't have the same gospel of the early church, because Christians are now considered to be wonderful, according to the Roman Empire. Christians are serving the Roman Empire very well today. With their prosperity Gospels that raises a lot of tax revenue and Jesus will heal people's job injuries, so Worker's compensation doesn't have to pay. And the automobile companies don't have to pay for the people they injure and kill because Jesus is going to heal their injuries and raise them from the dead, if you don't sue. Not even the tobacco companies are paying for the suffering they caused because of Christianity. That church was not built by the dollar you put in the collection plate. That church was built by donations from the tobacco and automobile industry, so preachers would preach forgiveness and nonsense for the people harmed by big business. If you are a Christian, you know all about how Jesus heals injuries, so that those who cause suffering, don't have to pay. This is the doctrine of devils and demons. Jesus said when people sue you, give them your coat and hat also, Matthew 5:40 – 44. You're supposed to sue that business for every penny they own, to make sure nobody is injured on the job again. When I was injured on the job I found no support from the Christians. But I have faith they're going to pay me the $450 billion for my job injury or they're going to suffer the pain on judgment day.

The true Gospels were not even included in the Bible. The Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Peter, the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Thomas and many more were rejected by the Christian church and the Jews. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus is not the Messiah, he is God himself and Jesus never dies on a cross. In the Gospel of Peter, a imposter was killed on the cross, because they couldn't kill God. These other Gospels were found in the Nag Hammadi library and the Dead Sea Scrolls. If the church had their chance, they would destroy these books also. It seems the church is better at destroying the truth than they are at preaching it. It seems the church is better at killing the prophets and messengers of God, then they are at promoting them. When Joseph Smith saw Jesus, he was killed by the Christians and they took over his religion. But what is most important, is when Joseph Smith saw Jesus, Jesus said not to join any of the religions they are all of the devil. This is why Joseph Smith started a new religion. But now that Joseph Smith religion is run by evil Christians, I have to create a new religion based on my seeing God and what God had revealed to me. We don't even know if we have the writing of Joseph Smith or we have the writing of the people who murdered him. There Christians are waiting for me to die so they can take over my religion and fill it with falsehoods. Falsehoods That Jesus died to pay for people sins and that he's going to heal people's job injuries, so big business doesn't have to pay and all kinds of other nonsense, like Jesus want you to own a gun. I got news for you, Jesus does not appear to gun owners. So if you want to see Jesus, the first thing you should do is lose the lethal weapon. I will admit, we may need guns to take guns away from these Christians. But once there's no more Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Jews, there will be no need for guns. The true gospel is supposed to bring people to Jesus, not to bring people to church. Christians are not going to church because they love God, they are going to church, so they can make connections to become rich. The true gospel will make them poor. Because in God's kingdom you can't own anything. Everything belongs to God and anyone who thinks they can own something, is a thief who stole from God. All the land, the gold and the silver, belongs to God and is not for sale. God also owns the people and that's why he destroys the people who stole from him, with earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and viruses. The Christians have been persecuting me for almost 40 years because I saw Jesus. But they don't mind stealing my wisdom to promote their religion.

Many Christians will be shocked when they see Jesus. They will say Jesus didn't we heal in your name, didn't we cast out demons in your name? And Jesus will say I never knew you, depart from me workers of iniquity, Matthew 7:23. If you haven't seen Jesus, you don't know Jesus. There are three members of the Trinity and if you didn't see Jesus, you don't know the third member. The Bible says to try the spirits to see if they are of God. If they cannot confess that they seen Jesus Christ in the flesh, they are not of God, 1st John 4:2 –3. Furthermore they are the antichrist. It makes it very clear in 3rd John 11 that the evil have not seen God. There's only two kinds of people in the world. The people who have seen God and the people who didn't. Why will you talk about God to somebody who hasn't seen him and doesn't know him? You cannot know God by reading books, written by people who murdered 12 apostles and are still killing the witnesses of Jesus today. You cannot be a witness of Jesus, if you haven't seen Jesus. What are you witnessing to? You are a false witness, if you claim to know Jesus, when you haven't seen him. That would make you a sinner.

Peter was the rock that the true church was supposed to be built on. It is the holy Quran that contains snippets from the Gospel of Peter. This is why Muslims don't believe Christ died on the cross. But don't go joining Islam, because they don't believe Mohammed saw God and that would make him a false prophet.

The devil came to kill and destroy by legalizing guns. Kyle Rittenhouse had murdered people in the street and he was supported by Christianity. Everyone who supports Christianity or becomes a member of that religion, is just as responsible for murder as he is. If you join a terrorist organization, you are responsible for the people killed by that organization. It's called accessory to murder.

God does not appear to murderers. You must follow the 10 Commandments. The law of fornication is not a joke. Women are only two thirds of the size of men and they cannot give consent. All fornication is considered rape, even if the woman said yes. She only said yes out of fear for her life. This is why gun owners want to own guns. Women generally don't say no to sex, if you are a conceal and carry gun owner. All sex outside of marriage is considered adultery and rape. God does not appear to rapist.

The 10 Commandments are the laws of love. If you love someone you don't commit adultery. If you love God or a women, you don't commit fornication. If you love someone you don't murder them. If you love someone you don't lie to them. If you love someone you don't steal from them. If you love your neighbor you don't enslave them with jobs, you follow the Sabbath. In six days God created the heaven and earth and rested on the Sabbath. This is the Sabbath. All of God's work is finished and the only thing you can achieve by working is destroying the gifts of God. The antichrist builds cities of delusion out of men's blood. Every city you see, every wall you see built, somebody has died building it.

The word sin comes from archery and it means to miss the mark. If you believe Jesus is the Messiah, Jesus is not going to appear to you. Because you just made God a man. The Messiah is a man. God is not a man. If you are a gun owner, don't ask to see Jesus. If you believe Jesus is a man, Jesus is not going to appear to you. I may be wrong, but I've never met a Christian who has seen Jesus. The only people who have seen Jesus, are the people who rejected the teaching of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism and searched for God himself, John 10:26 – 28. Joseph Smith was kicked out of the Christian church when he saw Jesus. That should tell you something.

In John 14:19 - 23, Jesus explains how he will reveal himself to his true followers, but not to the rest of the world. Whoever has my commandments and keeps them is the one that loves me. The one who loves me will be loved of my father and I will love him and reveal myself to him. Clearly if you believe Jesus died for your sins, you're not going to follow the 10 Commandments. In John 14:24, Jesus says, whoever does not love me, does not keep my word, the words that they hear, are not my words, but are the words of my father. This is why the people who see Jesus, do not agree, with the people who don't. People may argue whose words should we listen to? The words of Jesus or the words of his spirit father? That's a tough one that you're going to have to figure out for yourself. But for me the words of Jesus are wisdom and the words of the people who claim they are getting the word from spirits, seem to be the spirit of antichrist. The father creates good and evil.

Thank you, Timothy

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